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vertical rim lock | cut sheet

Posted on January 30th, by gbettenhausen in Project Management. No Comments

Here is our cut sheet for a vertical rim lock that can be surface mounted to either the interior or exterior side of an entry door. Any knob can used for both the interior and exterior sides of the set which is made complete with a skeleton key for locking.

Rim locks were made popular in the 18th and 19th centuries and have been utilized since to maintain that early vintage look. This particular rim lock is taller than it is wide, apart from the traditional style which takes up more door lengthwise.

Clicking the image below will allow you to view and save the PDF to resource for your digital inventory.

wilmettecutsheets.com is our growing digital library of cut sheets made available for millworkers, designers, and architects to download and reference as needed. Enjoy!

sizable entry hardware | polished brass

Posted on December 15th, by gbettenhausen in Recent Projects. No Comments

Here are a couple photos of entry hardware we did for a client in Highland Park, Illinois.

Complete with a 14″ rim lock set and our 4.25″ solid brass Georgian door knob, this polished brass entry set obviously isn’t messing around.

custom rim lock

Posted on October 14th, by gbettenhausen in Finishes, Interesting Hardware. No Comments

One of the fun things about using Wilmette is the ability to customize and finish.  Working with a bespoke shop that completes finishing all under one roof is a far different experience than that of working with a showroom or retailer.  Be sure to ask us for a tour of our facility – it just as amazing as everything we show you in our display spaces.  

polished nickel rim lock

Posted on April 5th, by gbettenhausen in Interesting Hardware, Recent Projects. No Comments

People always say that our hardware is like jewelry when they visit our shop in Wilmette.  I think you can tell from this photo that this is true.  A great use of olive knuckle hinges and a polished nickel rim lock.

custom rim lock

Posted on February 19th, by gbettenhausen in Recent Projects. No Comments

This rim lock was used recently on a project in a New York apartment. The solid brass construction allowed us to execute a flawless polished nickel finish.

rim locks and hinges

Posted on June 11th, by gbettenhausen in Recent Projects. No Comments

This rim lock and parliament hinges were made for a job in Chicago.   If you are looking for traditionally inspired period hardware – your google search is complete.  We look forward to working on your project and are glad you found us!

solid brass rim lock

Posted on March 15th, by gbettenhausen in Recent Projects. No Comments

This rim lock is being installed on an upholstered door.  The extra long keys are due to the extra thick door!  We can work with you on your next project that requires custom rim locks.

custom rim lock | silver

Posted on November 7th, by administrator in Recent Projects. No Comments

If you are going to make a custom rim lock you may as well silver plate it when you are done.  This was made for an apartment in Chicago.  Very cool!

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