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gropius t-pull | new hardware

Posted on February 24th, by gbettenhausen in Featured Frontpage, Recent Projects. No Comments

One of the great pioneers of modern architecture, German architect Walter Gropius, inspires the ongoing development of Wilmette Hardware’s own Gropius custom hardware collection.

We recently introduced a new member to our Gropius hardware family with the production of the Gropius t-pull. The design characteristics of this t-pull closely resemble those of our Gropius drawer pull, and looks extraordinary when mounted vertically on cabinet doors and drawers. We really look forward to applying this custom cabinet pull to projects in the near future.


new harmon hinge website

Posted on July 16th, by gbettenhausen in Featured Frontpage, Media. No Comments

Our new Harmon Hinge website is up and running!

With a fresh new layout and smooth design, we’ve planned for you to enjoy our new site on various electronic devices.

Head on over to www.harmonhinge.com to see what we have to offer with this quality piece of custom door hardware. Enjoy!



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