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cremone bolts for multi point doors

Posted on August 23rd, by gbettenhausen in Featured Frontpage, Recent Projects. No Comments

We love cremone bolts in Wilmette! If you have multi-point doors but still want to have the look of a cremone bolt don’t despair. Our collection of cremone bolts found at www.cremonehardware.com can be installed on them. The multi-point functionality will be retained and the detailing of the cremones will shine.


bespoke french lever

Posted on January 26th, by gbettenhausen in Recent Projects. No Comments

Here is a great example of a French moderne lever. Our sculptor worked with a local architect to design the lever and rosette. These gems will be installed in a Chicago apartment very soon.  All of the sculpting, pattern making, and foundry work was all completed in house in our shop in Wilmette. If you are ever in town and want to get a glimpse of how hardware is fabricated and finished let us know!

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